Our intention for the “Wholehearted Living” Retreat is to discover ourselves, life and the meaning it brings.  We believe everyone is here for purpose.  Purpose and destiny become clear when you know you are, what life has prepared you for, where you are going and the purpose for going there? 

We live in an age where we need to be able to DO and BE.  Most of us have honed the DOING part but not settled WHO WE ARE.  Herein lies the key.  A bird with one wing never takes off.  We need both parts to take flight.

We have chosen to do this outside of the boardroom within nature where we can experience the peace and tranquillity we so seek in life to become one with ourselves and nature.  We are able to think clearly, honestly without the battering of push and pulls on us in daily life.  The greatest shifts I have made personally and professionally have been when I have disconnected to connect with myself.

We become braver and live with greater courage in our hearts to dream big, face fears and overcome those areas and patterns that hold us back.

We want this for you, and we hope to see you on one of our “Wholehearted Living” Retreats very soon. 




Drawing uniquely from her own riveting life journey and myriad of raw, enriching and self-transforming encounters, Sharon has faced and overcome some of life’s toughest challenges.

From illness, near divorce, betrayal, loss of loved ones, heading up multimillion rand operations to shifts in lifestyle and living.  She has learned to love and accept herself through all.  She believes that knowing who she is has changed life itself.  She is able to show up authentically, rooted and anchored deep within with acceptance and love for herself which has extended to others. 

The journey of self-discovery was all kick started by a safe place to learn to BE, think for herself and go to places she had never been before.  To find herself, settle all of who she is in the many facets of life.  This in itself was a vulnerable process, what was born from this was courage to speak up, show up with a strong back, soft front and a wild heart shifting the way she lives, loves, parents and leads.

The culmination of successes and failures, and the wisdom unleashed through her journey, has led her to uncover the message that she teaches today.

What sets “Wholehearted Living Retreats” apart from the rest? Why should I choose this Retreat over all the others on offer?

Instead of a single aspect that sets us apart, it is the collective weight of all the aspects that CHANGE brings.  We are mindful of the journey this takes and hold all of this in the balance the FEARS, UNCERTAINTY and bring understanding to the patterns that hold and keep this in place giving you the opportunity to choose the change you seek.


Unique, powerful and practical teachings

Every one of our retreats are built on insight, understanding and practical application with all the tools and guidance to create the life you choose to lead.  Emotional Intelligence is a vehicle we use for this journey.  Becoming smarter with feelings, the journey of integration, congruence and a life of integrity.

Become part of our Community

You will be held each step of the way in an inspiring, unique and safe way – to go to the places you need to travel to find your personal breakthrough.

You will become part of our “Wholehearted living” community and have your own dedicated WhatsApp group to share photos, messages and connect with your new family.

Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve

Our destination is the home of our host. A place she had to overcome her own FEARS, now living and thriving in the Karoo. 

You will experience the peace and tranquillity, quietness that stirs even those comfortable with themselves, beautiful starry nights with shooting stars that in themselves tell a story. Walks in nature and even some game spotting blended with the learning and message of why you came, coming alive will all make the journey worth while.  See it as your journey to freedom.

Retreat experience is nothing short of spectacular

We consider adventure, engagement, activation and reflection. A space to breathe, to be, to reflect, connect and lean into your own vulnerabilities and courage. We consider excitement, fun and balance. We consider diversity of experience, authentic interactions and a sense of wellbeing. In short, we believe we have created a space for people to venture outside of their own comfort zone bringing the change they seek in a beautiful environment of peace and tranquillity.


Your host

Sharon Deal is authentic, vulnerable and a courageous host.  She shares her life experiences and its findings in a way that hits home with inspiration and truth. You will love to connect with her around areas of concern to you.  She has the ability to cut through the blur and get to the heart of the matter.  Each participant is held in a safe and loving space to step into their own unique identity, to author their world with   vulnerability and courage. 

We believe that the Wholehearted Living Retreat finds YOU – and those who it is meant for will know this to be true in their hearts. If you have a tugging pull towards being authentic, being free, being real, living a life you dreamed of and creating it, get in touch so we can make this journey of a lifetime a reality for you.

Much love and gratitude,

The “Wholehearted Living” Team

Each retreat will add depth and dimension. 

Choose the ones that speak to your heart, your next level of overcoming and integration.




Living Authentically – Finding purpose, pleasure and pride.


Are you exhausted, frustrated, disappointed or just plain sick of your life.  Are your thoughts causing you to doubt whether its worth living and that change will never happen?  Are your feelings crippling you? Do you feel there is no way out of your difficulty?  Does this frustration extend to your relationships, affect your wellbeing, your quality of life and your levels of effectiveness.


This 3 day getaway will focus on giving you new awareness into your situation and tools for change shifting your surviving to thriving and courageous living.


12 + 15 =

3 day getaway retreat will cover….

  • Increased awareness and understanding
  • Recognisng patterns that keep you self-sabotaging
  • Power of understanding emotions (thrive or survive)
  • Power of being self-regulated
  • Values that light the way
  • Finding Purpose, pleasure and pride
  • Lies, their sabotage and how they get in the way of life

Benefits of attending…

  • Becoming stable, centered, integrated within yourself
  • Taking back your life
  • Understanding YOU, your thoughts and behaviors
  • Knowing you are worthy of love and belonging even with your imperfections
  • Finding freedom
  • Knowing who you are is enough
  • Designing the life you want to live

    “Being so rooted that nobody can disturb your inner peace”

    Who should attend?

    Knowing who you are is pivotal to everything you do in your life.  If you are insecure, have self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness or shame you need to be here.  We all have these thoughts and feelings – they don’t have to determine our lives.

      In the Klein Karoo @ Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve
      A space and place to discover YOU in peace and tranquility a mere 2.5 hours from Cape Town.

        17 – 19 April 2020 (POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. POSSIBLE NEW DATE: 19 – 21 JUNE 2020)


          R3800 (Includes retreat, workbook, food and great connection)

          Additional Cost:

          Choose your accommodation:

          Shared                 R350 per day

          Private                 R700 per day

          Should you like more information, please email


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