POSTPONED A Life Worth Living

Are you exhausted, frustrated, disappointed or just plain sick of your life?  Are your thoughts causing you to doubt whether its worth living and that change will never happen? Do you feel there is no way out of your difficulty?  Does this frustration extend to your relationships, affect your wellbeing, your quality of life and your levels of effectiveness.


This 3 day getaway will focus on giving you new awareness into your situation and tools for change shifting your surviving to thriving and courageous living.


The Vulnerability Armor

Where do you go when you step into Vulnerability? Are you aware the role your emotions are playing? What are your patterns of response? 
We have choice! We can spend a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviour. Join us to engage with your vulnerable armor, your patterns and your noble goals. You will leave this session with tools to lean into vulnerability and allow your authentic self to shine.


The Call to Courage

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Where in your life do you want to be braver? What’s the topic that feels too hard to take on even though you know that engaging with it is key to change in your life? What skills might you need to get there? If these questions make you curious, join us to engage with this topic at a deeper level.
You will leave empowered to show up authentically to tackle the next season of your life. 


Shame & Empathy

This never good enough emotion tends to stand up for many of us, it has power to make us feel we are not worthy of connection, belonging or even love. We all have it, we are all afraid to talk about it, it makes us feel uncomfortable and of course the less we talk about shame the more control it has over our lives. Join us today in recognising shame, understanding its triggers and engaging with the antidote.


EQ Cafe: Uncertainty

We are living in a time of uncertainty and big feelings. When fear rises, we tend to get into short-term thinking. Yet it’s times of great challenge when our essence becomes more clear.

How does uncertainty drive us?

How can we deal with it?


EQ Masterclass: Navigating Uncertainty for the beauty industry

Navigating Uncertainty is a critical skillset to have in these trying times. We are living with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity which creates big feelings of fear and anxiousness which drives short term thinking. Yet it’s times of great challenge when our essence becomes more clear. How does uncertainty drive us? How can we deal with it?


Developing EQ Competencies CapeTown

We all have a level of Emotional Intelligence. The important question is, at what level are you?
Are you challenged, emerging, functional, skilled or an expert in these vital skill sets? Which of the eight core EQ competencies is failing you? What do I need to develop to become masterful?

These questions will all be answered on this 2-day intensive, interactive, engaging, reflective competency-building workshop.

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