Developing EQ Competencies CapeTown

We all have a level of Emotional Intelligence. The important question is, at what level are you?
Are you challenged, emerging, functional, skilled or an expert in these vital skill sets? Which of the eight core EQ competencies is failing you? What do I need to develop to become masterful?

These questions will all be answered on this 2-day intensive, interactive, engaging, reflective competency-building workshop.


    POSTPONED A Life Worth Living

    Are you exhausted, frustrated, disappointed or just plain sick of your life?  Are your thoughts causing you to doubt whether its worth living and that change will never happen? Do you feel there is no way out of your difficulty?  Does this frustration extend to your relationships, affect your wellbeing, your quality of life and your levels of effectiveness.


    This 3 day getaway will focus on giving you new awareness into your situation and tools for change shifting your surviving to thriving and courageous living.


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