We’ve come pretty far in this journey of our life, and so, our intention for “Disrupt Yourself” is to dig within and find out what is missing that may stifle what we desire to achieve or simply keeps us dissatisfied sensing a ‘gap’ somewhere, somehow. We believe everyone is here for purpose and we want you to live yours. 

➡️ Diving Deep ⬅️ 

– Disrupting the unwanted –

– Evolving and rising –

– Maintaining and smooth sailing –

– Owning our Stories – 

are you ready to disrupt yourself?

Purpose and fulfilment become clear when you know your inner workings, how to disrupt them and steer them into the direction you want.

We were living in an age where we had to do DO more than BE.  Most of us have honed the DOING part but not really had time to discover WHO WE ARE.  Herein lies the key.  The present times have called for a time to be with ourselves, our families, our living partners.

A bird with one wing never takes off.  We need both parts to take flight. And for some of us who’ve explored “doing”, rather than “being”, we’re discovering it’s not as easy to rewire ourselves to keep being as genuine as possible, just yet.

We invite you to flow into an inner journey where you disrupt yourself with love, to flourish.

Be brave to discover these underlying layers of yourself that have been hidden, making you feel snug, but gradually poisoning you, making you feel inadequate, somehow, sensing you might not be enough to be who you are meant to be or to accomplish any dream you desire.


“To be part of a facilitated program that really delves into the why you do what you do and how it creates the unhappiness in your own life has changed me.. I would highly recommend this program! Understanding your deep routed behaviors and being aware of your patterns, can bring the change you are looking for.. I am really looking forward to building this change into my every day life to become the person I am without masks and without trying to please others.. amazing program.”

Past Disrupt Yourself delegate

“Disrupt Yourself is a fantastic journey of self-discovery. Really taking a deep look into your self. A journey of becoming more authentic, aligned, and showing up from a heart-centered space. If you are looking at doing self-work this is definitely a course to explore.”

Past Disrupt Yourself delegate

our promise to you

We believe that Disrupt Yourself finds YOU – and those who it is meant for will know this to be true in their hearts. If you have a tugging pull towards being authentic, being free, being real, living a life you dreamed of and creating it, get in touch so we can make this journey of a lifetime a reality for you.

We become braver and live with greater courage in our hearts when we dream big, face fears and overcome those areas and patterns that hold us back.

Sharon Deal is authentic, vulnerable and courageous.  She shares her life experiences and its findings in a way that hits home with inspiration and truth. You will love to connect with her around areas of concern to you.  She has the ability to cut through the blur and get to the heart of the matter.  Each participant is held in a safe and loving space to step into their own unique identity, to author their world with  vulnerability and courage.



6 week online home program will cover….

  • Increased awareness and understanding
  • Recognising patterns that keep you self-sabotaging
  • Power of understanding emotions (thrive or survive)
  • Lies, their sabotage and how they get in the way of life

In a quiet spot wherever you want!

A space and place to discover YOU mindfully

  • Online Zoom platform



    Tuesdays – 30 March – 4 May 

    14:00 – 17:00 SAST

    Wednesdays – 31 March – 5 May

    08:00 – 11:00 SAST

    Thursdays – 1 April  – 6 May

    18:00 – 21:00 SAST






    Who should attend?

    • Those who instinctively know there is an inner journey they would like to explore,
    • Those who are fed-up from getting close to achieving what they want, it seems within grasp and yet they never get there,
    • Those who feel unfulfilled although they have achieved so many milestones.
    • Those who feel like having a small, healthy adventure that won’t take them deep into spiritual, energetic, therapeutic or extremely rigorous practices. Curious to see where this journey will take them.


      (Includes program, workbook, experiential activities, connection)

      • ZA R 2250
      • US $ 151
      • Euro  126
      • Pound £ 109
      • Offers:
      • Bring 2 friends so that you too allow them the space to disrupt themselves – 10%



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