What would life be like if you lived, loved and lead from a place of grounded confidence? What if you knew yourself and were able to express clearly what is OK, what is not OK and why? We need to KNOW OURSELVES well to be able to live this way. 

If you are experiencing CONFLICT, DRAMA, UNFULFILLED LIFE and really feeling a bit stuck in life this program is for YOU.


Commit to 42 weeks of personal transformation, cultivating a skill set of Emotional Intelligence and wholeness from within that will change your life forever!

➡️ Diving Deep ⬅️ 

– Disrupting the unwanted –

– Evolving and rising –

– Say Yes to Me –

– Maintaining and smooth sailing –

– Owning our Stories – 

are you ready to disrupt yourself?

Purpose and fulfilment become clear when you know your inner workings, how to disrupt them and steer them into the direction you want.

When we are not settled in who we are we show up in ways that lack integrity and authenticity stealing much of our influence and decision making ability from us. We lack credibility and end up surviving not thriving.

 In Disrupt Yourself we take an in-depth look at your personal congruence – How you think, feel and act. Bringing alignment to this with your personal values, ethics and morals speak into a character that will  build strong trust realms, integrity, and authenticity.

It builds connection, trust and belonging we all seek.

It all starts with awareness, we cannot manage or shift what is unknown to us. Emotional Intelligence a strong component of this journey takes a look at the individual’s level of competence to self-master, disclose and accept all of who they are.

Purpose is something that must be discovered. And once discovered, it takes conviction and courage to start pursuing it. The stakes are high which means the choices aren’t easy. Aligning your life can be hard work – it means changing habits, taking risks and sacrificing the good for the best.

 This journey offers you a real, deep, authentic dive into Who you truly are.

We invite you to flow into an inner journey where you disrupt yourself with love, to flourish.

Be brave to discover these underlying layers of yourself that have been hidden, leaning in with courage and strength to live an integrated life of grounded confidence in who you are and what you are called to. This skill set allows you to truly live, love, parent and lead from a place of Authenticity.


“At the age of 42, I thought I was broken. Introduced to Disrupt through a friend, I didn’t think I could successfully achieve what she did through the course. I thought it would be another thing I’d fail at.

I admit, in the beginning it was scary to share my story and experiences with strangers. But it was the best decision I’d ever made! The space is one of safety, compassion and no judgement and quickly my little group became a Disrupt Family who are nothing but loving, supportive and inspiring.

Through the Disrupt Course, I realized that I am not alone in the way I feel and that I too have a story worth sharing. I regained the magic in my life that I thought I would never get back.”

Past Disrupt Yourself delegate - Jonie

“To be part of a facilitated program that really delves into the why you do what you do and how it creates the unhappiness in your own life has changed me.. I would highly recommend this program! Understanding your deep routed behaviors and being aware of your patterns, can bring the change you are looking for.. I am really looking forward to building this change into my every day life to become the person I am without masks and without trying to please others.. amazing program.”

Past Disrupt Yourself delegate

“Disrupt Yourself is a fantastic journey of self-discovery. Really taking a deep look into your self. A journey of becoming more authentic, aligned, and showing up from a heart-centered space. If you are looking at doing self-work this is definitely a course to explore.”

Past Disrupt Yourself delegate

“Running my own retail and interior design lifestyle centre, with an honours degree, I considered myself aware, confident and an informed individual.

How could I be wrong?

It was a domestic altercation at home that woke me to the need for change in my life.

Through the Disrupt Programme I was able to regain my and hone my leadership abilities and develop my previously untapped skills. But it was in my personal life where I gained most peace, insight, stability, and purpose.”

Past Disrupt Yourself delegate - Ronell

our promise to you

We believe that Disrupt Yourself finds YOU – and those who it is meant for will know this to be true in their hearts. If you have a tugging pull towards being authentic, being free, being real, living a life you dreamed of and creating it, get in touch so we can make this journey of a lifetime a reality for you.

We become braver and live with greater courage in our hearts when we dream big, face fears and overcome those areas and patterns that hold us back.

Sharon Deal is authentic, vulnerable and courageous.  She shares her life experiences and its findings in a way that hits home with inspiration and truth. You will love to connect with her around areas of concern to you.  She has the ability to cut through the blur and get to the heart of the matter.  Each participant is held in a safe and loving space to step into their own unique identity, to author their world with  vulnerability and courage.



Length of program – 42 weeks

6 parts to the program – 7 weeks each in length

Weekly meetup – 3 hours online

    In a quiet spot wherever you want!

    A space and place to discover YOU mindfully

    • Online Zoom platform


      Thursdays – 16 May 2023 8am – 11am SAST

      If these times are not convenient to your time zone, please email sharon@whoamifoundation.co.za to arrange an alternative.

      What will I leave with…

      • Emotionally intelligent skill set for life
      • A grounded confidence in all of who you are
      • A strong healthy mindset to face any challenge

        Who should attend?

            • Those who instinctively know there is an inner journey they would like to explore,
            • Those who are fed-up from getting close to achieving what they want, it seems within grasp and yet they never get there,
            • Those who are tired of same old same old
            • Those who feel unfulfilled although they have achieved so many milestones.
            • Those who feel like having a small, healthy adventure that won’t take them deep into spiritual, energetic, therapeutic or extremely rigorous practices. Curious to see where this journey will take them.

        Investment (PER PART):

        (Includes program, workbook, experiential activities, connection & support throughout the program)

        • ZA R 5000
        • Bring 2 friends so that you too allow them the space to disrupt themselves – 10%



          IS THIS FOR ME?

          I instinctively know that I have an inner journey I would like to explore.
          I’m fed-up from getting close to achieving what I want, it seems within grasp and yet I never get there.
          I am tired of the same old same old. I want more to my life.
          I feel unfulfilled, although I have achieved so many milestones.
          I want a small, healthy adventure that won’t take me deep into a spiritual, energetic, therapeutic or extremely rigorous practice
          I’m curious to see where this journey will take me.
          I want to find my purpose
          I want to navigate life with confidence and courage
          I want to lead with Authenticity
          I want to improve my work environment

          the 6 parts to the program

          Part 1 Diving Deep

          Diving Deep is all about creating awareness, setting new intentions and really getting to know yourself, your motives and understanding why it is you do the things you do.  We unlock many layers here – emotions, patterns, reactive responses, drama – your role and what masks you feel comfortable wearing.

          Part 2 Disrupting the unwanted

          This is where we dive into the building cognitive awareness.  Looking back to look forward making sense of prejudices, assumptions, convictions, perceptions and beliefs that drive our behavior. Uncovering what limits us and transforming these.  Vulnerability and Self Compassion a big part of this journey.

          Part 3 Evolving and Rising

          Don’t let your emotional baggage hold you back.
          By knowing your Core Values and their importance, you are able to align and live from this place. In this module we deal with Shame and Step into Courage while building a skillset of resilience.

          Part 4 Say Yes to Me

          Your boundaries matter.

          Effective and assertive communication will allow you to set strong, healthy boundaries with yourself and others. Here we learn about living with intention, working with reality in the present moment and knowing what’s okay, what’s not okay and why. You will find yourself powerful and liberated.

          Part 5 Maintaining and Smooth Sailing

          Communicating with heart.

          Here we take a deep dive into Non-Violent Communication where we communicate with heart and confidence as we connect with others. Expressing honestly and requesting that which will bring the change we seek in living courageous and purposeful lives.

          Part 6 Overcoming, Owning our Stories and Rising Strong

          Owning your story in empowering.

          Learning to deal with conflict, how to de-escalate it – his is where all the skillsets you have learned get pulled together.  This is where you get to step into your own life story and own it.  By doing this we overcome and rise strong.  Your life will never be the same again.


          what will life be like after disrupt yourself?

          I will feel grounded, confident and have a sense of peace in who I am
          My emotional intelligent skills will be set for life
          I will have a strong and healthy mindset to face any challenge
          I will walk in a maturing skillset that sets me up for greatness.
          I will be a self-regulated, mature, emotionally intelligent person handling life’s  challenges with a grounded confidence.

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