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The Who Am I Foundation has a passion for people to live, love and lead from a place of authenticity. We believe that to be authentic you need to be aware and embrace all of who you are so that you show up as an integrated and mature person.

What we do

Transforming lives, life and leadership.


Coaching is having a thinking partner for the journey of self-discovery where you take full responsibility for your life and maximize your potential.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the skillset we all need to show up as mature leaders.  It gives us the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and those of others.  Authentic and Integrity driven leadership.


Who Am I takes you on a journey of self-discovery. An inside-out approach working with intrinsic motivation. Settling, aligning and discovering what make you YOU.  Becoming aligned and integrated with yourself.

Leadership Development

Assessing and helping leaders build self confidence, wisdom and skill sets to live, love and lead authentically.

Group & Team Facilitation

Facilitation is holding the space, managing the process for a group or team towards a specific outcome with clarity and accountability.


Utilising measuring tools to determine reactive or creative competencies, knowledge, aptitude, abilities, personality traits, personal values, integrity and emotional intelligence


Mentors care and assure their mentee that they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges. They help them believe that they matter.

Inspirational Speaking

Public speaking events inspiring you to Live, Love and Lead authentically.



Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakens.

  – Carl Jung

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HOW we are different

We understand transformation and know it’s a unique journey for each individual or team.

Whether it’s building TRUST realms, culture, resolving conflict, building healthy boundaries, gaining leadership qualities or moving you from point A to B we have the skillset to take you there. We move way beyond coaching or teaching an understanding or behavior, or merely working with outcomes and symptoms of experiences. We work with the BEING part of who you are.

Empowering outcomes that you can expect whilst working with our team:

Leading from a place of authenticity, finding destiny and purpose, freedom, peace, alignment with self, becoming a great communicator, building meaningful relationships, understanding yourself and others really well, stepping away from your limiting beliefs, re-wiring your brain, living a courageous life, to name a few.

The journey is insightful, inspiring and life-changing.


Our accreditation

Our team is accredited with the following professional organisations:

From Our Clients

“People are my passion and seeing them walk in their destiny my fulfilment.”
~ Sharon Deal

“Working with Sharon, I took the deep dive and did the deep work, the freedom I gained was life-changing. I have learned to love all of myself which shows in the way I live, love and lead.”

Karin Theunissen

Managing Director, Logica Beauty Supplies

“The EQ training was most definitely eternally life-changing. I started out thinking I had a high EQ but quickly figured out how much I actually still had to learn. Not only did this new awareness save my marriage but also equipped me with tools for life.”

Willene Freddy


“A huge transformation has taken place in every area of my life and this is an ongoing process. Thank you Sharon for revealing a gift that we all have within us.”

Jasmine Carstens

Branch Manager, Logica Beauty Supplies

“Sharon’s EQ workshops, courses, facilitation and coaching had a massive impact on both our reserve managers and students. It was the students highlight for the year. The growth in our management team and students has been astounding. We noted a dramatic shift in maturity and confidence levels and most importantly team communication.”

Justin Miller

Executive Director, NCC Environmental Services

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